The Obama Administration’s Next Step In The March To Communism

This is a copy of Senate Bill 744, The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act. The bill, which has already passed the Senate, is 1179 pages long. The picture below shows a copy of the bill on a table next to the greatest story ever told, The Bible.

Senate Bill 744

Senate Bill 744

The difference between the two documents is that several people have read the Bible and most people know the story it tells. Not the case with the new immigrations bill. Do we really need another “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it…”?

The bill is segregated into titles, each of which has many subparts. They are: Border Security (Title I), Immigrant Visas (Title II), Interior Enforcement (Title III), Reforms to Nonimmigrant Visa Programs (Title IV), and Jobs for Youth (Title V).

Titles I and III discuss border security and enforcement. Our current immigration laws are not enforced now. Why would anyone believe that they, or any new law, would be enforced? There are those who advocate that “Enforcement First” is a fallacy continually and fails.

What they do not say is that enforcement has never truly been tried. The current administration is so anti immigration law enforcement that agents of the US Border Patrol sued the administration to allow them to do their job.

The law, if passed by the House and signed by the President, would include a “path to citizenship”, provisions of the “Dream Act” and other very costly provisions. The US national debt is now approximately $17,000,000,000.00. With the government deficit spending exceeding $1T each year that guarantees the national debt will be more than $20T before the end of the current administration. Where will the money come from for all these provisions and the added burden on the nanny state entitlement system?

The foregoing notwithstanding, the people in question are lawbreakers. What other group or class of lawbreakers are simply ignored then rewarded? That is exactly what this “immigration reform” bill is. In essence, it’s amnesty. The amnesty we were promised would never happen again in 1986. The reason they would like us to believe is that there is nothing else we can do. We cannot deport 11M to 30M people. The idea that we simply legalize something we find difficult to control is absurd. We cannot stop people from robbing banks. Should so according to the illegal alien philosophy, we should simply legalize bank robbery? It’s just so much easier!

The moment they step across the border they have broken laws. If they secure employment “under the table” they have broken another law. If they steal someone else’s identity to secure employment they have broken another law. When they apply for social entitlement programs they are breaking law.

So who are these people that we are told are God fearing, law abiding people that only want a better life (and willing to break several laws to get it)? Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona is probably among the most outspoken and pro-active law enforcement officers in the Country trying to curtail illegal immigration. Maricopa County jail system is thought to be the third largest in the Nation. The average daily population of the Maricopa County jail system was approximate 9200 in 2008, up from approximately 6800 in 2000. According to an article in the Arizona Republic, July 7, 2009, of the 9200 inmates in 2008, approximately 12% were in the US illegally and ever increasing.

”On average, about 12 percent of the inmates in county jails have immigration holds. Some of those inmates are picked up on suspicion of crimes such as identity theft or illegal entry, while other inmates with immigration holds are brought in for outstanding warrants or crimes such as DUI.”

The economic impact caused by the vast number of aliens invading the US economy has several implication; a few of which being the hardship placed on the budgets of schools by people who do not pay taxes to support their children’s education, the hospitals that are used as free family clinics, the added cost of printing government documents in several languages, having to hire bi-lingual teachers and other government workers for people who refuse to learn English, etc, etc. The added costs to the taxpayers are in the hundreds of millions of dollars nationwide each year.

The United States has a culture. It has had one for 237 year. Part of our culture is to welcome immigrants. We always have. There is one very simple requirement that goes with immigrating to this great Country and reap the benefits of freedom, liberty and ability to realize your potential. Do it legally. We have a process. There is no need to change immigration policies or laws. We simply have to follow them.